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Microsoft Windows Intune

At ConnectU we provide our clients with a wide range of cloud hosting, storage and management capabilities. One of the ways in which cloud computing has been extremely effective is through remote device management, leveraging the accessibility and versatility of the cloud environment.

ConnectU uses Windows Intune to remotely manage, update and configure all devices currently in operation. This includes PC’s and laptops, as well as mobile devices using Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and other operating systems.

Operating each device from one web portal, without the need for on-site infrastructure can have a dramatic effect on improving efficiency while helping to reduce costs, with all the sections of your business accessible from a single web-based administration console.

This means you can upload and publish software packages, manage policies and track computer inventories remotely. We also provide a range of other services as part of the migration process, including advanced group policy management, Windows deployment services (workstation imaging), automated software deployment and endpoint protection – managing and securing your company’s information assets.

ConnectU can also provide a front-line helpdesk service as required, with a direct link to trained specialists who can deal with any questions or issues you may have. Alternatively, we can operate a back-up or overflow option for peak hours, or when the volume or difficulty of enquiries escalates to the point where they can no longer be handled by onsite IT staff.

If you would like to know further information about how the cloud works and how it could help your organization, then call one of our friendly advisors at (888) 248 7095.

We’d be happy to provide a free consultation with you, discuss the options that are available, and what this means in real terms for your business.

At ConnectU we provide on-going assistance throughout every stage in the migration process: during the planning and testing phases, through the implementation itself, as well as providing continued support throughout all subsequent operations.

For many businesses, Windows Intune is the one of the most flexible and cost-effective ways to upgrade their organization to Windows 8.1 and start taking advantage of the revolutionary new features:

Contact our offices today to find out how easy it could be to move your business to the cloud and take advantage of remote device management and a wide range of other features.