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Microsoft Office 365


ConnectU Systems provides essential support services to businesses who utilize the Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform, and those who are looking to migrate to a fully hosted cloud-based system.

Many large scale businesses are switching over to the Office 365 portal and cloud-based data management due to the flexibility and efficiency this technology can offer. However, administrating and managing such a complex environment can be quite a huge undertaking for a company to handle on their own, while continuing the effective running of their operations.

ConnectU systems deal with all aspects of Microsoft Office 365 migration and use: from maintaining accurate user data, dynamic distribution groups and Microsoft security essentials, to working closely with our customers to help them build and customize SharePoint Online features, as well as providing SharePoint training to staff members so they can make full use of these services.

office2Apart from greater flexibility, lower costs, increased scalability and ease of use, cloud-based systems are also much more secure when operated correctly, able to recover from disaster within a minimal amount of time.
Our specially trained consultants and virtual CIO’s can provide assistance throughout every stage of the migration process, from analyzing your business needs and current models, to offering expert advice on all aspects of cloud hosting, including the development of business plans that coincide with the introduction of the new technology.

If you would like to know more information about how cloud computing and Microsoft Office 365 can benefit your business, and what options would be applicable to your current working model, then contact one of our professional consultants free of charge at (888) 248-7095 or visit our contact page for more details.